Ah, there’s the mystery. And in these days of explaining mysteries, these days when [psychoanalyst Lawrence] Kubie can explain the creative process by simply invoking the word preconscious — when the duration of our planet can be estimated by the rate of expansion of the universe — please, God, leave us this one mystery, unsolved: why man creates. And in that artless and unmysterious world, I would also preferably cease to be.

On Motivation – beloved composer Leonard Bernstein on why we create.  (via explore-blog)

addicted to grace: Grace is more..


“Grace is not an idea.

It’s not a concept.
It’s not a principle.
Grace is more a person than a principle.

The reason grace has been abused is because we’ve left it merely as a principle and as long as grace is a concept, a principle, an idea, it’s easily abused and misused. But when you look…

It should be noted, nearly in every case, it’s always those who are in legalism and law who are persecuting, belittling, scoffing or making fun of those who are living in liberty, freedom, faith and grace in Jesus Christ and that still happens today. Rarely will you see someone today living in grace, persecuting, belittling, scoffing or making fun of those in law and legalism - because were just having too much fun.

Judah Smith (on Galations 4:29 in “Jesus Is Better Than Milk”)